Charter School of Educational Excellence, Yonkers, New York
Health & Physical Education

Physical Education Overview

The Physical Education Curriculum enables students to master manipulative and large motor skills. Students perform warm-up and cool-down exercises both indoors and outdoors. Students become competent in a variety of physical activities. Our students design a weight-control and stress-management system with skills for flexibility and physical endurance. A safety awareness program that is integrated into our physical education program helps students develop skills of cooperation, as students express concern for the safety of others. Through physical education exercises, the language arts skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are utilized in planning and organizing games and sports and in communicating to classmates andteachers. Students also use interpersonal and character building skills in their discussions about games and sports.

Health Education Overview

The Health Curriculum is designed to strengthen skills and knowledge in maintaining personal health and fitness, in creating a safe and healthy environment, and in establishing contacts with community including health and physical education resources. Our students learn about the human body, dental care, the dangers of nicotine alcohol and drugs, and common household products, and the value of exercise and good nutrition. They also develop skills in enhancing their self-esteem and sense of well-being, and they practice dance techniques and large motor games.



Goya Foods Helps to Educate Students on MyPlate & Healthy Eating
Click here for photos from the Healthy Eating Workshop.

Charter School of Educational Excellence, Yonkers, New York
October Announcements

October 27, 2015

Holiday Picture Day for grades K-8.

Parents please complete form, and submit with payment to your child’s teacher.

October 30, 2015

Halloween Parade (K-5th)

Halloween Bash after school (5:00 pm-7:00pm)

Parents please complete form, and submit with payment to your child’s teacher.

November 2-20    

CSEE Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive 

November 3

School Closed - Election Day; Professional Development day for Staff 

November 11

School Building Closed - Veterans Day 

November 12

Board of Trustees Meeting

November 24

CSEE Annual Thanksgiving Feast

November 25-27  

School Closed - Thanksgiving Recess 

School re-opens Monday, November 30th