Charter School of Educational Excellence, Yonkers, New York
School Policies - Guidelines for Success

CSEE’s Guidelines for Success emphasize the high expectations we hold students to here at CSEE. We expect students to model virtues and good citizenship qualities in and out of school. We ask for parental support in our teachings by reinforcing our vision for academic, personal, and social excellence in students on an ongoing basis and throughout your child's education. We encourage parents to post these guidelines in the home and reinforce these often with their children.

Students of the Charter School of Educational Excellence promise to:

1. Respect our teachers, fellow classmates, and members of our community. We realize that respect begins with us and we must give respect to earn it.

2. Attend school every day prepared, on time, and ready to learn and participate.

3. Behave and follow all school rules.

4. Be attentive and polite in class so that these positive behaviors will promote an excellent teaching and learning environment.

5. Keep our hands and feet to ourselves because violence and hateful acts are the opposite of what we stand for and we want to live in a safe, peaceful, and friendly world.

6. Avoid using hateful words that would hurt other people's feelings and apologize when needed because we are kind, loving, and virtuous students.

7. Respect the property of our school and others because we have integrity and want to live in a world that is honest, trusting and kind.

8. Maintain a healthy body and mind by saying "NO" to smoking, drugs, and alcohol because we want to enjoy a long, healthy and productive life.

9. Be leaders instead of followers. As leaders we will act responsibly so we will not jeopardize the freedoms and rights we enjoy as citizens of this country.

10. Develop our talents by using our time wisely to learn, study and make the right choices because we want to be successful and prepare to become the future leaders of this great nation some day.

 “Guidelines for Success”
supplements the Core Virtues Program and
CSEE’s Code of Discipline.

Charter School of Educational Excellence, Yonkers, New York
October Announcements

October 27, 2015

Holiday Picture Day for grades K-8.

Parents please complete form, and submit with payment to your child’s teacher.

October 30, 2015

Halloween Parade (K-5th)

Halloween Bash after school (5:00 pm-7:00pm)

Parents please complete form, and submit with payment to your child’s teacher.

November 2-20    

CSEE Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive 

November 3

School Closed - Election Day; Professional Development day for Staff 

November 11

School Building Closed - Veterans Day 

November 12

Board of Trustees Meeting

November 24

CSEE Annual Thanksgiving Feast

November 25-27  

School Closed - Thanksgiving Recess 

School re-opens Monday, November 30th