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Visitor's Procedures

While we cannot prevent each and every emergency, our pledge to parents is to keep you informed and current about our school safety procedures.

Keep in mind that these procedures are NOT intended to limit a parent's access to their child. Rather, these safety protocols are designed to make sure that staff knows at all times who is in the building and around our children.

Visitor's procedures are intended to ensure the security and safety of our children and staff.

• Report to the Reception Desk to announce your visit.
• Present a Photo ID and sign our Visitor's Log (indicating your time of arrival and your intended destination)
• Obtain a Visitor's Pass and wear it so that it is visible to all staff and students in the building. While in the building, please wear your pass at all times.
• Take a seat in our reception area and wait there for further assistance. Please do not proceed past the reception area until you have been instructed to do so
• Sign out and return your visitor's pass to the reception desk.