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School Reopening » Middle School Remote Learning Plan

Middle School Remote Learning Plan

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 5-8) 

Remote learning provides an opportunity for our students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with their class content while working from locations outside of CSEE. In grades 5-8 all teachers and teaching assistants, and support staff will provide students with rigorous academic opportunities that directly align with NYS Learning Standards so that students can maintain academic readiness and continue to have a constant connection with learning. 

Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers will use the Google Classroom as their online platform and school email to provide assignments to their students, collect assignments and grade assignments, consistent with the subject content standards of their respective classes. Teacher responsibilities also include: (1) Communicating in a timely manner, expectations to students and families about the instructional plan for the day and week, including learning objectives, required activities, assignments, and assessments, along with any associated due dates; (2) During designated time, interact with students in real-time to deliver lessons, facilitate discussion, and lead other instructional activities; (3) Record lessons and other instructional activities for students to access later; (4) Monitor student participation in activities and lessons; (5) Daily check-ins of each student, and following up with students and families, and other school staff as needed; (6) Record student attendance; (7) Post assignments, content, activities, and links to resources for students to use to master the learning objectives for the week; (8) Ensure delivery of instructional activities are aligned the curriculum; (9) Monitor email daily (Monday thru Friday during normal school hours) for messages from students and families and responding to messages in a timely fashion; (10) Grade assignments and assessments and provide feedback to students and parents, on work submitted by students; (11) Communicate with families about student progress. 

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to attend daily classes and follow their school schedule.  They must use Google Classroom as their online platform and their school email to access assignments for all of their respective classes. Student responsibilities also include: (1) Students are expected to complete instructional activities assigned by all their teachers within the expected timelines; (2) Students must participate in check-ins, discussions, and other communication mechanisms as expected by all their teachers; (3) Students should review teacher feedback and complete any follow-up activities as assigned by all their teachers; (4) Students should proactively notify their teachers or school principal with any concerns about progress or additional support needed.  

Parent/Guardian Expectations

Parents must monitor their child’s daily school work and child’s online activities.  Parents should proactively notify their child’s teacher or school principal with any concerns about progress or additional support needed for their child. Families should support their child in being successful by establishing routines and habits that support their success for student responsibilities. Families should also ensure that students are adhering to their school’s code of conduct that outlines appropriate behavior on web enabled devices.