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School Reopening » High School Remote Learning Plan

High School Remote Learning Plan

HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-10)

Students should access their Google Classroom accounts each morning. Google classrooms is a hub where students will have access to assignments, resources, announcements, and other critical information. During remote learning, students should expect to receive ‘live’ instruction at the beginning of each period. Depending on the content, after the initial ‘live’ instruction, students may transition to independent work, collaborative group work and/or asynchronous learning with the help and support of the teacher.  

Remote Learning Description:

  • Daily attendance will be taken and monitored by teachers and the Dean of Students for each course using PowerSchool. Contact will be made to a student family in the event that students are not logging in consistently to complete assigned tasks.
  • Students will begin each day by completing an SEL inventory survey. This will allow students to identify their emotional state, in addition to providing faculty with data as to students in need of SEL support for that day. School Counselor and Dean of Students will lead small groups of students in SEL explorations based on the SEL survey data, student request, and teachers/family recommendations.
  • Each instructional period will begin with live synchronous instruction of a lesson from the teacher. Students will work through activities and assignments with the help of the teacher until the end of the period.
  • Each student will have a period for Extra Academic Support and/or Small Group Instruction. Students may request additional academic support from the teacher or the teacher may require a student to attend small group instruction during the academic support period.  
  • Teachers will provide both formal and informal feedback and will ensure assignments and assessments are graded in an acceptable time.
  • Grab and Go breakfast and lunch will be made available to all qualifying free or reduced lunch students. These meals may be picked up, curbside, on Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 10:00 am at the main campus located at 260 Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701.  Bulk meal packages for multiple days are provided on a case-by-case basis for individuals who have difficulties commuting to the school daily.
  • Students will follow a bell schedule which includes instructional periods and screen breaks from 8:00am - 3:05pm. Please see below for a sample remote learning bell schedule. 
  • Students will follow an A and B day schedule, engaging in all required courses over a two-day time period. Please see below for sample schedules for a 9th and 10th grade students: 

Student Responsibilities

  • Review lessons and learning activities assigned by the teacher. 
  • Regularly check your email and Google Classroom accounts 
  • Log into live teaching sessions on-time or early with camera on
  • Remain in the virtual classroom until the end of the period
  • Participate and engage in live teaching sessions. 
  • Attend teachers’ extra academic support period for extra help
  • Complete assigned work/learning activities to the best of their ability by the end of the period

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Develop remote lessons and learning activities that are grade appropriate and aligned to State Learning Standards. 
  • Be accessible to communicate and interact with students and parents during the scheduled workday
  • Teachers will check in with students and/or parents regularly through email, Zoom, Google Classroom or phone calls to ensure student participation and engagement. 
  • When not engaged in live learning activities with students, teachers will be regularly checking for communications from students, parents, staff and administration throughout the workday. 
  • Provide timely feedback on student work. 
  • If teachers are unable to make contact with students or their parents by the end of each week, they will notify Mrs. Perez so that the office can follow up with families to ensure all students are active and completing the assigned lessons/learning activities.

Family Expectations

  • Review the Remote Learning Plan. 
  • Establish a daily routine and provide an appropriate space to support student learning. 
  • Review assigned work, discuss expectations with your child and communicate with teachers. 
  • Set limits on technology use for games, social media, etc. 
  • Emphasize the importance of learning and education.
  • Remaining in constant communication with teachers.  
  • Ensure that children are eating healthy each day including fruits, vegetables and protein in their diets. 
  • It is important that students get an appropriate amount of sleep each night. 
  • Students should be exercising at least an hour each day most of which should be moderate or vigorous aerobic activity. Please be sure to contact Mr. Settler at if you need ideas.
  • Health, wellness and social emotional needs must be a priority for all children during this time. We encourage parents to contact the school if you need the assistance of the school counselor or school psychologist. 
  • Be sure to follow best practice hygiene including brushing teeth twice a day, bath and change clothes daily, wash hands regularly and follow CDC preventative measures recommendations.